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She said that the original name for Shap was Heppe which probably meant a heap of stones.Shap was important because several tracks through the fells met there and also it was where two Ley Lines intersected.They can be seen from the A6 in a field alongside the line near the limekilns.

At Brackenber Farm tradition says that there was another circle with a large stone in the centre which eventually was split to make seven gate posts.There were about fifty physicians in the whole country and only the very rich could afford their fees the remainder having to rely on men such as Dawson.Such was the demand for help that various sorts of people tried to fill the gap ranging from quacks to those whose treatment was bizarre but not always harmful.The climate meant that there was little demand for the spa in winter and Garnett took to giving scientific lectures to supplement his income.This proved a great success and he visited many towns in the north.

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