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Their financial condition is also good and they are only cheating on their spouses for pleasure not for money.Having an extramarital affair with a stranger puts off the risks from ones shoulders because no one will doubt your relationship.A wife can sense the small abnormalities of her husband behavior.A wife will always sniff the cheater out of you by playing mental games with her husband.Remember how you secretly enjoyed reading Faulkner in college? A University of California-Davis study found that women prefer smart men when it comes to one-night stands.Be Spontaneous The folks in Lubbock, Texas—who scored lowest on the survey—had a high population of what Fisher calls "builders": the cautious, traditional, conventional type.D., an anthropology professor at Rutgers University and creator of the survey.Fisher found that these West Coast babes had a personality style that she calls “explorers.” “They have a curious energy,” she says.

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Breaking your family ties for a moment of pleasure is a sin.

For example according to a latest survey on cheaters.

90% of the extra marital relationships happen between friends who are close to the family and collogues who work together .

“This type of person generally has higher levels of serotonin in the brain which can lower sex drive,” she says.

Human beings are meant to mate and reproduce offsprings.

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