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It is genuinely a shame that most of the characters in "Crazy, Stupid, Love." come across as a little obnoxious for being too larger than life.

On the subject of the characters well you have Steve Carell, Emma Stone and Julianne Moore all delivering the sort of characters which you know you are going to get from them in comedies and whilst I did like this sort of loud thing once it isn't my thing anymore.

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Carell, who graduated from Denison in 1984, patched together a living, eventually making his way out to Chicago.Carell's deadpan humor and penchant for placing himself in absurd situations was perfect for the program and its growing audience."The best [interviews] were when we were taking the piss out of someone who deserved it—anyone intolerant or racist," Carell later told . I always had a bad taste in my mouth when we had to go out and make fun of someone who was just eccentric or crazy through no fault of their own. So I always tried to make myself the butt of the jokes, to act the idiot, which probably wasn't too much of a stretch." proved to be one of television's more successful comedies.Over the next five years, Carell, who played one of the show's correspondents, filed some of the series' more memorable field reports.He interviewed political heavyweights like Arizona senator and presidential hopeful John Mc Cain as well as lesser-known, eccentric newsmakers.

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