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– Steve Jobs, Business Week () Apple has been rated No.1 in America’s most admired companies.

Jobs management has been described as inspirational, although c-workers also state, Jobs could be a hard taskmaster and was temperamental.

During his time at Atari, Jobs came to know Steve Wozniak well.

Jobs greatly admired this computer technician, whom he had first met in 1971.

The i Pod was a revolutionary product in that it built on existing portable music devices and set the standard for portable digital music.

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These animation movies were highly successful and profitable – giving Jobs respect and success.This contrasted with the alternative approach of trying to adapt current models to consumer feedback and focus groups.Job’s explains his philosophy of innovative design.At this time, he also experimented with psychedelic drugs; he later commented that these counter-culture experiences were instrumental in giving him a wider perspective on life and business.Job’s first real computer job came working for Atari computers.

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