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A Viking rune, another symbol popular among neo-Nazis, was etched onto his left leg.Inscribed on his abdomen was the term "14 words," an apparent reference to an utterance by imprisoned right-wing extremist David Lane: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." Upon further investigation, Kinard discovered that Gaughenbaugh, on probation after an arrest on drug charges three years earlier, was a member of the National Alliance, one of the largest white supremacist groups in the nation, and was under investigation by the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.I just want it to be a separate country, and I want them to all be in it." His pronouncement is followed by laughter and clapping.Meanwhile, Shady Hills resident John Ubele, operations manager for the Nationalist Coalition, a Tampa offshoot of National Vanguard, has been drawing attention by running for a seat on Pasco County's Mosquito Control Board.He encourages other white separatists to take to the hustings."If you do win an office, you will get very valuable political experience.The groups' activities appear to involve mostly spreading hate-related propaganda.White supremacist groups, for example, have organized "white power" concerts in Ocala and leafleted upscale Orlando neighborhoods with copies of the racist tabloid The Aryan Alternative.

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Petersburg through Orlando as the most virulent part of the state and a "hotbed" for neo-Nazi, racist and skinhead groups.Rosenkranz identifies the neo-Nazi web message board Stormfront as one of the more influential tools that neo-Nazis use to organize.Founded in 1995 by former Klansman Don Black and run out of his West Palm Beach home, the slufilled message board features discussions by white supremacists on everything from Holocaust denial and immigrant-bashing to upcoming events, dating and firearms.A member from Homestead replies that he's "game." The internet has provided "a whole new avenue for neo-Nazis to attract new members and spread their racism" and increased their reach "exponentially," says Rosenkranz.Internet aside, Rosenkranz points out other efforts to spread propaganda and attract followers.

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