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Understanding all the acronyms in the online world is no easy task, but just because you don’t understand the meaning behind them doesn’t mean you are not familiar with the latest dating practices.People have found new creative ways to refer to old dating habits, so if you frequently ask yourself, “What is ghosting? We have compiled this no-nonsense list of dating lingo to spare you from googling that obscure text message. BENCHING: When someone you’ve been seeing keeps their distance but still sends the occasional flirty message.The chemistry makes me want to go on a second and third date.But the chemistry does not translate through an app.” “The books,” she replied without setting down her phone or looking my way.If you spend your time doing something that makes you more dynamic, interesting, and fun, then you won’t want to hide behind your phone.The chemistry makes me my stomach turn wondering if he is going to ask me for my number.

Once I asked a friend, “If you spend the amount of time reading an actual book that you do scrolling through pictures of strangers, how many books do you think you would have read so far this year?Of those people, I only met one person who the date actually worked out for, and she is quite the exception. In short, you chances of actually going on a date suck. Guess what doesn’t help in making that any better or any easier? When it comes to finding love and being in relationships, we are all scared of something. I am scared that I am too much to handle or not tall enough or that guys are cautious of me because I write about dating and relationships. Your chances of finding love are almost non-existent. You become anxious, get sweaty and nervous, and you are certain she will say no. I am afraid I am being judged, and in truth, sometimes I am being judged. Emma Iversen from online dating site My Single says: “The most popular profiles on the site are the ones that have a good, clear photo attached and tend to be from those people who’ve spent time and effort on their profile narratives.“This allows their personality and interests to really shine through, giving other members insight as to what makes them tick, and makes it easier for others to find a reason to contact them.”So what steps should you take to having the perfect online dating profile?Here are some useful tips that are guaranteed to make you noticed.1.

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