Submissive chatbot

The truth is, my fridge messages me more often than my partner does but no, it is not that kind of relationship.

My fridge lets me know the food is about to expire or if I need to replenish the stock.

Here is our selection of top 10 future technologies that we believe it will transform our lives within the next five years.

‘Big Data’ is a term used to describe datasets whose size is beyond the ability of traditional databases.

The quantum properties of nanomaterials affect the electrical, magnetic and optical performances of the ‘target’ objects.

Current applications include healthcare (in targeted drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and diagnostics), electronics, cosmetics, textiles, information technology and environmental protection.

We already generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day as in 2.5 followed by 18 zeros, data that once converted into meaningful information can change help eradicate diseases, stop world hunger and save lives. Imagine Io T as an invisible network made from physical objects around you.

It then took us eighteen years to ‘accept’ colour television, thirteen years for laptops and just seven for smartphones. There are changes in education, agriculture, energy, banking, health and even fashion, all tech-driven.Augmented reality allows for ‘enhanced’ perceptions of the ‘real’ world.Reality is enhanced by augmented elements as generated by sensors and computers.Nanomaterials are layers of particles arranged in components at a nanoscale level or measurements of under 100 nm.By their structure nanomaterials have greater relative surface area than any other materials, higher strength and reactivity with other materials.

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