Substance abuse and dating violence

Firstly, some drugs trigger aggression, most notably cocaine, amphetamines – such as addictive adderall – and benzodiazepines, though withdrawal from percocet and marijuana is also linked to violence(5).

Equally, drinking can causes changes in someone’s thoughts and emotions, which can trigger violent outbursts.

However, the link between domestic violence and substance is more complex.

While the majority of people who misuse substances aren’t violent towards their partners, a significant number of people who commit abuse also misuse alcohol and drugs.

In some instances abusive partners may even blame their spouse for their habit, continuing to abuse drink and drugs to exert another level of control.

There is additionally a school of thought that suggests involvement in one destructive behavior increases the likelihood of involvement in another, with similar risk factors associated with committing substance abuse and spousal abuse(5).

Addiction and domestic violence share a number of characteristics, such as: The risk of domestic violence increases when both parties have a substance abuse disorder.

It may become difficult, if under the influence, for the victim to determine how much danger they are actually in.

A range of theories may explain these associations between substance misuse and abusive relationships, but what is clear is that both victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse who have a problem with alcohol or drugs need specialist support to address their destructive habits and the issues at home.While it is never the victim’s fault, when drunk or high this can make them more vulnerable, as it can cloud judgment, make them less aware of what is happening and put them in a situation where it is easier for their partner to take advantage of their state, as they are more likely to be passive to any violence.It is also the case that in environments where substance misuse is tolerated, this is also true of violence.I have had struggles and difficult moments in recovery but it’s better than when I was active in my addiction.I am so glad that I decided to go into residential treatment, because getting clean was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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