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Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’ve just met a cute summer fling, it’s always smart to have some date ideas up your sleeve. I grew up in Vermont, where you pretty much can’t go outside for six months of the year because it’s so cold. We’re talking perfect, rolling green countryside speckled with farms and lakes and “camp,” which is what we call the small summer cabins that Vermonters have.This season’s screenings are all in the great outdoors (and some parking lots). Catch French flicks downtown, fish features at Rockaway Beach, and spooky favorites on a west side battleship.Dating is expensive, but free concerts all over the city help even the cheapest of the skates court with relative ease.Road trips are such a quintessential American past time, aren’t they?

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Check out rows and rows of roses, the Rock Garden’s cascading waterfall, the summer concert series, or just wander the grounds unbound.You’ll apply for tickets online through a lottery and receive notification 24 hours in advance if you’ve won access to a performance. Even if you end up with a musical dud, your date will be impressed with your insider knowledge.Netflix and chill is for porridge-hoarding, hibernating bears.Most states have parks or mountains that are open to the public for a solid hike and a overnight.Or, if you’re feeling a little less adventurous, find a local campground and pitch your tent there!

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