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General Sumter is buried in Stateburg, the adoptive hometown to which he gave so much.AFRICAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE Sumter has a rich African-American heritage dating back more than 200 years to the "King's Highway," the main route from Charleston to what was then known as the "Carolina Backcountry." From their beginnings on the plantations of Stateburg, Sumter's African-Americans have risen to the heights of accomplishment in the fields of politics, education and entertainment.Freddie Solomon, who tucked a football under his arm and ran with it into the record books.As a player for the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49'ers, Solomon played in two Superbowls.Present-day Sumter County (then known as Sumter District) was established on January 1, 1800.

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This event so enraged Sumter that he formed and led a band of guerillas in victorious combat against the British, helping to turn the tide in the war for independence.

Following the war, General Sumter continued in the service of the young nation, ultimately as a member of the United States Congress.

He retired at age 76 to his beloved "Home House" in the High Hills of the Santee, where he continued to actively manage his business affairs and remained a respected figure in the Stateburg community until his death in 1832 at age 98, the last surviving general of the Revolutionary War.

The former All-American was named in 2002 by the University of Tampa as one of "The Greatest Athletes of the 20th Century." HISTORIC CHURCHES In the life of the old Sumter District, churches filled an important need not only as places of worship, but as community centers where settlers socialized, discussed the issues of the day, relaxed and nurtured one another's spiritual growth.

Sumter County is home to numerous churches whose congregations have celebrated their 100-year anniversary.

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