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All restaurants will split bills very easily, without an extra surcharge, and you will get some funny looks if you try to slam down your credit card before your new friend.

Swedes don’t date more than one person at the same time; there’s no such thing as “dating around”.

It’s pretty common for people to “pregame” at home before going out, also, since alcohol in bars is exorbitantly expensive.

If you like a Swede, offer them a drink for some liquid confidence.

), and even if they think you’re the cutest, they would never be so rude as to mention it to you. Sweden is also a nation where gender equality is very important — there are no unspoken rules about men having to make the first move, so if you’re a woman who is interested in men, the same rules apply: you ask first.

We like to joke that Sweden is a nation of people with social anxiety — most Swedes find it very difficult to loosen up and express attraction until they have a few drinks in them.

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Instant messaging, texting and flirting online has never been so easy before.But if you’re not Swedish, you can still figure out how to find your very own Swede to take home… Swedes are almost pathologically resistant to interrupting other people.They’d rather bleed to death from a severed limb than ask someone for help (because what if that person was doing something important?Set up a night to go dancing or have a picnic with a bottle of wine, since drinking in public places is legal.Buying drinks for someone is a nice offer, and they will probably buy you a drink back.

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