Swedish men dating

They feel that if you are interested, then you, as a woman, can and should make the first move.Or perhaps maybe you should be the one to offer to buy him a drink just to get the conversation started.It’s good to feel like a special lady and to be appreciated.However, in Sweden the men are either way too shy or simply scared of rejection, I think.In a country full of so many stunning people why is it so hard to find love? This is where the tip for travel comes in–from a woman who has been fully engaged in this society and amongst so many beguiling men.Going back to the equality aspect of the country, Swedish men feel equal to women in every aspect of life. Or should I say the non-existent dates that women from other countries especially my own, imagine to exist.It wasn’t rare to spot a female face adorning a body part, which led me to wonder – what one has to do to become a permanent fixture on one’s thigh?The situation only got better throughout the day, hitting its peak at the the Copenhagen Street Market, where I could no longer control myself and actually whipped out my camera to capture (and Instagram) all the homogenous hotness (and my Honeymoon Wife threatened to disown me.) Although we were warned that Danish men can be quite stand-offish and reserved, expecting women to take the initiative (these are the people responsible for the who “going Dutch” injustice, after all), we were pleasantly surprised to be approached throughout the entire night – or at least starting 1am, when most people had enough drinks in their system. An unfulfilled fantasy of tall hunks and impeccable street style, both of which never quite measured up to our expectations.

My father always treated me like his princess so the appeal for another man to do the same seems natural.

The other night I was told, “I had to approach you after I heard you speaking English.

I could hear in your accent that you were from the States so I knew you would never approach me.” The men are aware of this act, the act of letting the women make the initial move.

It’s a place I am so glad to have chosen for my six months abroad.

One day, I want to return and hopefully live here for a longer period of time.

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