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However, I believe the most likely reason for the above error message in Windows 10 is that sysprep ran into problems with the new Windows apps.These apps are still somehow alien to Windows, and you have to treat them with great caution in your reference image.I always thought it was best practice to at least rename the admin account myself. I was thrown into an XP to W7 replacement project a couple of years back, and had zero knowledge of the deployment software or the W7 Sysprep process. I'd recommend reading up on the steps of Sysprep, and how each setup pass can affect the system.I just noticed your autologon settings are for the Audit pass, but you are setting the Administrator account password during the OOBE pass. Do you want the admin autologon to occur for OOBE or audit? All the notes I have on this project are written on multiple pieces of note paper left by the person that was laid off. Generally, if you are still customizing the image before deployment, then it sounds like you'll want to configure the autologon for the Audit pass.

In some situations, outstanding reboots can cause sysprep to fail. It is essential that Windows is in an absolutely stable state before you run sysprep.For instance, if you install a new app for one user and then run sysprep with another account, sysprep will fail.Likewise, if you removed provisioned apps but didn’t uninstall them for all users on the system, you will run into trouble.These are the possible causes for app-related sysprep failures that I am aware of: The bottom line here is that, whenever a discrepancy exists between installed and provisioned apps, sysprep will not be able to validate your Windows installation.I outlined the difference between provisioned and installed apps in my previous post.

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