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Did you happen to browse or inspect any of your father's material? I'll pay for gas and I'll be sure to cook all your favorites." "Sure thing," Tiffany answered. We can talk privately while your father is at work. "Instead of confronting me, join me." "You are officially insane. " "Mom, when it comes down to it, we both enjoy porn. She wiped her hands on the towel and reached for her phone. But that changed a minute later when her mom called.

" "I only have classes in the morning, so I'm free in the afternoon and night." "Do you think you can make the two-hour drive and come home? We thought it was best if I was the one that confronted you." Tiffany gave a sly smile. "When you and dad watched me, what were you two doing? I refuse to dignify that with an answer." "I thought we were having an honest conversation? Tiffany laid in bed for a moment, still naked with her mind and body reeling.

Not only that, he was pretty much a popular kid at school. The two of them were at each other's house all through elementary school. "I need to talk to you in private," Todd said to Steve while looking at Alan.

I know you're impressed by his work and your father has always been very proud to show you his research items." Tiffany knew right away what her mother was talking about. "Maybe this is just a misunderstanding," mom replied. Then you can head back to your dorm afterwards with plenty of food." "That sounds good. Face it, you and dad are porn lovers." "That's different." "How? "You're our daughter." "Look, mom, no one will ever find out that it's me. Unless..." There was a gleam in Tiffany's eyes and Melinda knew that mischievous look all too well. She couldn't help herself yet again and sent a text message to her mom: Who's idea? They made small talk like usual, and Tiffany wondered if this had all been a mistake since her mom hadn't mentioned anything. "It was actually your father's idea," her mother admitted. I wouldn't have guessed." "Yes, well, he said he wanted to watch under the guise of knowing how the drug is working on you. She had butterflies in her stomach all morning, wondering how on earth she was going to approach this delicate subject, which no mother should ever have to discuss with her daughter (at least in her world). when she got a text from her daughter that she had arrived and had just parked in the driveway. " "Well, there's something we've been wondering," mom said after another strange pause. Unless dad personally counted them, how would anyone know that a few were missing? *** Melinda cooked several servings of chicken parmesan and other delicious entrees. The only person who should be interrogated here is you, and you alone." "But why? " "That's none of your business," Melinda shot back. *** It was two nights later when Tiffany had a chance to perform on cam again. and did her normal routine of breast milk and masturbation. She pictured her parents giving each other oral favors, or God knows what, while watching. She squirted too, and was thankful that her new laptop was water resistant (or in this case, milk and orgasm resistant). Your father is upstairs in bed, completely spent." Tiffany's face lit up. That show must have done a real number on him." "Trust me, it did. You were going down on dad while he watched me on cam, not knowing it was me." "I need a full glass of wine after this conversation is over." "No, what you need is more excitement in your life. And you'll understand why I do it." "Look, we'll forget this conversation ever happened. The lactation thing is a huge hit with my followers." "Oh goodness," Melinda sighed. Her pussy surprisingly moistened at the last thought. She leaned back on the bed and spread her legs so that the audience could get a good look at her pussy. Then, with a bath towel spread on her bed, with plastic underneath, she poured the breast milk slowly across her pussy. Now, with her parents watching, she might have set a new record for herself, for the fastest time to reach a powerful orgasm.

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