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The capital city Taipei has a rocking nightlife which is mainly concentrated in the chic, upscale and internationalized Da-An district which is accessible and appealing to foreign visitors as well.Mostly the indoor type If you are a woman who is fond of the healthy outdoor life, you may have trouble meeting like-minded men in Taiwan.And speaking Taiwanese instead of Mandarin, which is the dominant language of China, is here seen as a mark of cultural pride.The techies To a great extent, Taiwan’s economic success story owes to the emergence of a thriving information technology sector.Locally known as KTV, karaoke bars can be found as stand-alone establishments or part of restaurants and hotels where they form a part of a wider scale of entertainment.So if you are keen to meet single Taiwanese men, one of your best bets lie in hitting the hottest karaoke parties in town.

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The presence of such a thriving hi-tech sector implies a large population of engineers, software professionals, computer experts and other highly skilled professionals who take back some of the best salaries of the economy.Little wonder then the Portuguese who chanced upon the island in sixteenth century named it ‘Ilha Formosa’ or ‘Beautiful Island’ and in fact Taiwan continued to be known as Formosa till the last century.Taiwan is thus an apt place to have a pleasant social life, especially if you are a woman and want to meet Taiwanese guys.The men here are mostly hooked to indoor interests like video games, computer games, anime on television or manga comics which are known as manhua in Taiwan.Pachinko is another popular game with Japanese origins and is usually played in gaming arcades; it may also have an element of gambling comparable to the slot-machine in western societies.

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