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The notion of sexual innocence emerged as she cried over her best friend giving “everything she had” to a “boy who changed his mind”, and through the repeated mention of a highly sexualised “other woman” swooping in to steal her love interests.Her innocence also contributed to the emotional impact of the most common theme of all: Swift as the victim of the behaviour of a bad boyfriend, or rejection by her crush.

“I just felt like I wanted to defend Kanye in it.” Rolling her heavily lined eyes to the ceiling, she sighed, “It was just another way for her to play the victim.

These traits manifested literally in the teenager's videos – white ballgowns, loosely curled hair, Swift gazing out from the turrets of castles – as well as figuratively in her lyrics.

Swift sang about waiting for a man on a “white horse” to come and save her, love interests “kneeling to the ground” and proposing, as well as being “enchanted” by “fairy tales”.

Despite saying she wants to be “excluded from the narrative”, Swift has reminded the public of this same narrative countless times in jokes and speeches.

She even has a framed photograph of the moment in her Nashville home.

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