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The findings outraged county prosecutors, the governor and state lawmakers like Rep. "Apparently (5 EYEWITNESS NEWS) discovered a hole, and we need to close that gap to make sure these allegations get reported appropriately, in a timely fashion, investigated and dealt with," Davnie said.

A bill he filed shortly after the session specifically lists members or employees of the board as mandated reporters.

I worked for a private language school years ago who put the following clause in teacher contracts (and I can remember it word for word) "If you find yourself falling in love with a student, please let us know, and we will do our best to find you alternative employment".

It was another way of saying "mess about with the students and your ass is grass" Looking for the cheapest apartment possible Two words - false economy.

Indeed, dating sites certainly are getting more and more niche these days.

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Nothing - and I mean absolutely nothing - beats looking for a job in Thailand when you are here on the ground and you can see things for yourself.Actually, not just the newbies - even those who have been here a while. So many teachers are disappointed to find out that a job they were offered when they were sitting comfortably back in America (or wherever) has turned out to be nothing like the picture that was painted.Perhaps the accommodation isn't what they expected.OK, I know it's human nature to want the security of a guaranteed teaching position waiting for you when you land.But that doesn't automatically mean it's a good idea.

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