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Please contact 1.877.2TURNER or email us at [email protected] book or learn more.Once your expedition is booked, one of our TTX Adventure Guides will contact you to start planning your itinerary.From canyons to caves, our hikes are designed for various levels of ability, all while providing picturesque views of both mountains and along the Rio Grande Valley.The varying desert terrain provides excellent options for bikers of all levels of ability. Learn about the geological and human history of the Armendaris Ranch, while traveling through the Chihuahuan Desert habitat in one of our open-air vehicles.Length of trail can be tailored to guest preference.Glacier Lakes: Advanced, 6 miles, All Day Trip Designed for the extreme outdoor enthusiast, this snowshoe adventure is not short on scenery or exercise.As the bats emerge from the Jornada Bat Cave, Swainson’s hawks and falcons offer a dramatic aerial display.This seasonal event runs from June to September Float over the 360,000-acre Armendaris Ranch at first light, where you’ll have the chance to spot bison, antelope and other exciting wildlife just waking up, with only the occasional sound of the balloon burner lifting you skyward. Spend all day exploring the Armendaris Ranch on your own customized itinerary!

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An inclined loop, this trail provides a slight challenge for beginners or those sensitive to altitude.Learn about the rich history and ancient cultures of the Ranch while experiencing spectacular scenic vistas and wildlife from our open-air vehicles.Ladder Ranch is one of the finest birdwatching sanctuaries in North America, rich in native wildlife and biodiversity. Spend all day exploring the Ladder Ranch on your own customized itinerary!View the pristine earth stretching in all directions, and in the distance, spot iconic sites like the historic El Camino Real Trail and Elephant Butte Lake—an incredible way to experience the Ranches from above! Unique desert environment provides excellent hiking trails across canyons and streams. Bike along ridge crests and streams on our state-of-the-art, full suspension Santa Cruz Tall Boy mountain bikes. Early risers have an excellent chance to spot bison, elk, javelinas, deer and more of Ladder’s diverse wildlife, with prime photographic moments along the way.Seize the “magic hour” when the New Mexico sun sets and encounter bison, elk, deer and more while experiencing the beauty of the Ranch.

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