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Today, we live with more stress, pain and anxiety than perhaps any other society in the world's history.

Viewing Internet porn and/or engaging in cybersex chat, coupled with self-stimulation, cause the brain and body to release drugs back into its own nervous system. Based on its ability to produce self-medication, mask pain, escape reality and provide the means to achieve one of the body's most powerful peak experiences, As will be detailed in future articles, the structure of the male brain predisposes virtually all men and teenage boys to some level of porn attraction and/or addiction. Many today agree that the greater danger for women and teenage girls is cybersex through Internet chat rooms.

For some, pornography and cybersex are simply part of the process of becoming sexually aroused and excited to the point of peak experience.

Pornography and cybersex are a means to satisfy a sexual urge.

The longer and more elaborate the ritual, the more time he can spend away from the pressing realities of his life.

But for pornography and cybersex addicts, exacting, time-consuming rituals leading up to the "main event" become a major part of the process.

Thus a man may invent elaborate excuses for his wife as to why he is spending so many late nights at the office.

He is caught in a cycle of the need for mood change, stimulation, escape and temporary relief, a vicious gripping cycle that both repels and draws him, repulses and arouses.

Often the addict wants to change, in fact knows he must change or succumb to disaster.

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