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PRA Reflections: From the Field and Practitioners (English) (Rs 35/€1) PRA Pratidhwani: Kshetra Aur Karmion Se (Hindi translation) (Rs 40/€1) A compilation reflecting the collective experience and concerns emerging from three international workshops of PRA professionals held between 19.These reflections provide an understanding of the issues that are confronted by PRA professionals, NGOs and donor agencies in promoting participation at the field level.At the dissemination in Delhi, the panellists identified themselves as farmers who were marginalised because of their caste, gender and relationship to land among other things.They analysed the respective State Action Plans on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals related to agriculture and climate change and evolved an action plan on climate change from the perspective of agrarian communities. A Study on Occupational and Health Hazards and the Perils of Contracting Faced by Sewerage Workers in Delhi Down the Drain is based on a study on occupational and health hazards faced by sewerage workers in Delhi, especially those who work as contract laborers.

The research study was rolled out with the two fold aim of analysing state and union budgetary commitments for the transgender communities as well as their uptake in India on one hand and to document various forms of discrimination, exclusions and violations of rights faced by transgender communities in Tamil Nadu on the other. After the floods in Manipur in August 2015, Praxis sent a team to conduct a Rapid Assessment of the ground realities, and how the community was reacting to the disaster. From Beneficiaries to Agents of Change are self-administrable tools to measure community preparedness for vulnerability reduction developed in the HIV context.The study stressed on the need to involve men and boys in any campaign against early marriage and raised the need to focus on issues of gender and sexuality through trainings and mass media, collectively contributing to an increased value for the girl child The report Marriage Can Wait, Our Rights Can't can be viewed here.Thirteen farmers and agricultural workers from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand formed a Ground Level Panel that was in Delhi for four days to collectively analyse their experiences of the impacts of climate change on their lives and livelihoods.Location and distribution of village-level infrastructure and essential services are seldom equitably distributed.Realising this, Praxis, as the secretariat of Social Equity Watch, which operates as a platform for organisations and people who believe in inclusive politics, undertook an equity audit in 2011-2012.

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