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If the girl who calls tells you that she answers the phone for the girls, you’re probably dealing with a service.Be sure to ask, because it will make a significant difference in the price.Sometimes they’ll just send someone similar without telling you in advance.But whether they tell you or not, you should be as clear as possible on the phone about what type of woman you’re looking for.This might be for something like a hand job in your hotel room., but may cost more depending on exactly what you want and how much time you want to spend with her.There are special hurdles you have to get through when paying for illegal sex, as well as special risks, whether you’re engaging the services of a freelancer or a woman you find through an escort service. There are brochures and flyers for escort services all over town, and you can find more escort services online.

Instead, invite the woman up to your room for a drink, and let her guide you through negotiations there in the way she must to avoid potential harassment from cops.

If you call up the number in the brochure and ask for a specific girl you found there, the service may tell you she’s not available, but that they can send you someone similar.

And they will try to send you someone close to that type.

Prostitutes you meet through an escort service will cost an extra 0 to 0 for bare minimum services because of the fee the agency charges for sending the girl.

If you get referred to the service by a cabbie or limo driver or hotel concierge or casino host, the agency fee will be at the high end of that range or even higher, because they have to pay a kickback to the person who referred you.

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