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Very funny and incredibly exciting, The New Treasure Hunt ran for three years but received a lot of criticism for being too exploitative (?!? Chuck Barris wrote the show's lovely, melodic end theme (this clip from the original music master).High Rollers Alex Trebek hosted this casino-style dice game.

Was hoping that the girls would get hotter after every contestant, the second contestant wasn’t too bad. Chakku Orosete~ya is definitely one of my favourite Japanese Adult game shows so far. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more crazy, weird and hilarious Japanese Adult TV shows. Edwards (who started as a game show host in 1973 on CBS' Hollywood's Talking) also had a popular series in nighttime syndication in 1974 called The New Treasure Hunt.Based on a game show from the Fifties (Treasure Hunt), this Chuck Barris production is my favorite game show of all time.The game is called ‘Quiz Illeonaire’ and is a new project in Chakku Orosete~ya, the makers of the infamous Hand Job Karaoke game.This time, they have come back with a complete rip-off parody of the popular ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ show. The rules of this Japanese adult game show are simple.

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