The dating service

When we die, Facebook already establishes an “In Memoriam” page where we exist forever.That dominance in our lives can’t be easily replicated. Facebook now will allow users to make a dating profile, separate from their current one. For some, that’s what’s worrisome about the social-media giant getting into the dating game.It’ll be opt-in, so we won’t all suddenly be in the dating pool with our Facebook friends like our great aunt and that kid who picked his nose a lot in third grade. In The Washington Post, Drew Harwell and Elizabeth Dwoskin warned that “Facebook’s dating service is a chance to meet the catfisher, advertiser or scammer of your dreams.” They quote Kevin Lee, the trust and safety architect of the fraud-detection startup Sift Science and a former Facebook spam manager, who says the platform “could subject users to a host of new risks, including financial fraud.” But that would be the case on any dating platform.It’s reminiscent of the olden days, way back in the 1990s before the Internet when people actually met through friends.There’s a stamp of approval there that wouldn’t exist on other sites.You can reach out to people who're planning to attend the same events you're interested in, and view photos through their dating profiles.Only other people on the service can see the dating profile, meaning it's hidden from your friends and family.

"We're surprised at the timing given the amount of personal and sensitive data that comes with this territory." Last month, Facebook was forced to disclose that data from about 87 million people was co-opted without their permission, or Facebook's knowledge, by Cambridge Analytica, a London-based consultancy.Facebook’s announcement last week that it’s adding a dating component to its platform sparked the question: “Wait, wasn’t Facebook a dating site already? Yes, it does feature a lot of bikini profile shots and too many men sliding into your direct messages with the same “hello, dear” line late at night.And sure, you could stalk the page of that friend of a friend with whom you have adorable witty banter in the mutual friend’s comment section, but the quirk of Facebook has always been that the world’s most social Web site isn’t actually made for dating. For Facebook's new dating features, it's about trust.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week announced a new tool for daters that lets you create a separate profile, listing your interests, location, job, likes, personality and events you'd like to attend.

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