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Reselling Web Hosting - Step 3: Set up a Great Website and Order Form.

You have to look professional in order to convince customers to sign up with you as a web host. You can either hire a designer (expensive) or use a template (inexpensive) like those found at:

For instance, click here to see a free list of daily expiring domain names.It simply gives you an advantage in search rankings. You can go to a good domain search site like, the domain explorer tab) and see if there is a name that has not yet been registered.The chances of a great, short, memorable name being available is low (but not zero) - so you can increase the odds of getting a great name in two ways: get a domain that is expiring or buy a name from the current owner.That way, you can log in once and check the billing and provisioning status of all of your customer accounts.You can to view and compare web hosting reseller providers here at Host at:

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