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Because, you know, lately people have been asking me, what do you think they will think of you? ” Baya says in the Confessional, “I am so nervous to get into this house and meet my roommates.” It then shows Devyn is the kitchen. Everyone is very intellectual, and everyone brings something to the table in there own right. There is a girl named Sarah, she was a lesbian for a really long time, but she is now, for the first time in her life, in a relationship with a man.” Katelynn’s Mom: “So know do you feel a little better about your decision to go? Honestly now that I am here, I am glad that I am here. I don’t want people to think that I am some like…” Michelle: “Hey, that is fine. Those situations, I feel have made me a stronger person. There are days I would wake up and be like, how the h*** am I still here? My family and I weren‘t speaking, and the only thing that saved me was community outreach.

I’m like, probably that I am gay, but I’m not.” Devyn: “You’re not bi either? I know that I was kind of on the fence about it, but the thing I am concerned with is that I haven’t come out to anybody.” [B][U]Ryan Talks On the Phone[/U][/B] It is morning in Brooklyn. It shows Scott working out, Sarah taking a shower, and Chet brushing his teeth. It then shows Ryan in the telephone room talking to his girlfriend Michelle “Belle”. Because then they will get to know you.” Ryan: “It will come out in time, but I’d rather have them get to know me for me.” Michelle: “That’s probably smart.” Ryan: “Because if they knew I was like, in the military and like in Iraq they are going to be thinking, Oh this guy probably has problems. My philosophy in life is, you can be in dirt, but you don’t have to be dirty. Everyone’s different, and it took me a long time to accept who I was. I would go and volunteer at the community center and I would do stuff.

do=displayimg&imgid=1136"][IMG] It then shows Devyn and Chet meet, to go to the Real World House. This is honestly like unbelievable.” Devyn: “Isn’t it pretty? [/I] The roommates show Scott and Katelynn around the house. Ryan: “Everyone’s just keeping their mouth shut, everyone’s being too nice. (Ryan and JD stand beside the hot tub.) They see a water taxi go by. ” Katelynn: “When I went to Thailand, that was like the best way to get around.” Ryan: “Hey to those things like float different? There are girly looking guys, and there are manly looking women. Sarah says in the Confessional, “Scott takes his shirt off, and he’s got muscles for days.” Devyn says in the Confessional, “Oh my God. Because my grandparents were in World War II and my grandfather died before I was even interested about that stuff. [B][U]Baya and Chet Talk to Ryan About Being in the Military[/U][/B] When we come back from commercial break, we see Chet, Baya, and Ryan talking. I think he’s got a lot more to him than meets the eye.” [B][U]Chet and Ryan’s Song[/U][/B] [U][B][URL=" Ryan says in the Confessional, “Chet tells me he likes to play guitar, and he is interested in hearing some of my musice. ” Chet: “Uhhh, Yeah.” Ryan sings and plays the guitar, “I have come, far from home. JD: “I wanted to actually take you to dinner.” Katelynn: “Really? They have something specific to talk about.” [B][U]Chet, Ryan, and JD Talk[/U][/B] [U][B][URL="

I just hope there is no big storms.” [I]They both laugh.[/I] Devyn: “Oh look, the Statue of Liberty! ” [I]They walk up the steps and open the door to the house.[/I] Chet: “Oh my gosh! ” Scott: “I’m Scott.” Chet: “I’m Chet.” Scott: “Nice to meet you.” The girls introduce themselves. Devyn: “Hi Scott, I am Devyn.” Devyn says in the Confessional, “Scott comes in, well he is pretty attractive.” Ryan says in the Confessional, “Scott looks like a really chill guy, but he looks kind of like me sort of. Katelynn says in the Confessional, “The whole house is just… ” Devyn: “They’re normal.” Ryan says in the Confessional, “I am trying to look at Devyn and her eyes, but something else is just dragging my attention. She also could be guilty of that.” Ryan: “Of what, touching hers? I don’t think there is a difference between thinking and knowing… Absolutely amazing.” Katelynn says in the Confessional, “Scott is absolutely gorgeous. ” Ryan: “Mmm Hmm.” Sarah says in the Confessional, “Ryan totally surprised me, and shocked me, and I am glad that he really opened up to me and really shared. So I never even got to hear him.” Sarah: “That is awesome…. do=displayimg&imgid=1146"][IMG] It then takes us to Chet and Ryan who are going down the steps. There is this one spot in this house that I actually like to play music.” Chet and Ryan sit in the boat that sits in front of the house. do=displayimg&imgid=1147"][IMG] It is night time in Brooklyn.

It shows them holding hands and they kiss before she leaves. ” Ryan: “Ryan.” Baya: “Hi, I’m Baya.” Ryan: “Baya, I have never met a Baya before.” Baya: “Nice to meet you Ryan.” Baya says in the Confessional, “While I’m in Brooklyn, I hoping to start dancing professionally.” [I]It then takes us to Baya Home Tape of her dancing. As she goes down the escalator you hear her voice say, “Landing in New York, I am kind of nervous about my roommates, you know like, what they are going to be like. ” Scott: “Ha-ha, I am your roommate.” Katelynn: “Ok. ” Katelynn: “It was alright.” Scott says in the Confessional, “My first impression of Katelynn was she was a cute girl.

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I am a three and a half year veteran, for the United States Army.

“Oh this one is pretty.” Devyn says in the Confessional, “There are four different sets of rooms, and they all have there own different themes.” Devin walks into a bedroom called [I]Promenade. ” Devyn: “I am from Kansas City.” Baya: “H*** Yeah! As they go in, the cameras show us what is inside the room. Katelynn says in the Confessional, “They are like, two, four, six… do=displayimg&imgid=1141"][IMG] Scott, Ryan, Chet, Devyn and Baya are in the _______ bedroom talking. ” Scott: “In November, I won The Best Abs on East Coast Contest.” Devyn says in the Confessional, “I’m just really captivated by Scott. I could just fall head over heals for him.” The roommates continue their conversation. ” Katelynn: “Foursome are so uptight, anything more than three is like a jigsaw puzzle.” Chet: “She’s thought this one through.” Katelynn: “I have dealt with this experience.” Chet: “You’ve had a five some? Ryan: “It looks like a drunken chess match.” Katelynn: “Night to N-5. ” Ryan: “Yeah.” Michelle: “Is it split four girls, four guys? ” Ryan: “There is this one person that walked in; I’m like, that’s a man.” Michelle: “Ohhhh.” Ryan: “You know what I mean? I get it now.” Ryan says in the Confessional, “I am very curious about her. Like your heart just goes do-do-do-do-do-do and then you’re fine. Scott is getting ready in the bathroom and is talking to Chet while he is in the shower. Because JD is going to ask her straight up, and just say look, I know you are a boy.

[/I]“This one feels like home.”Chet walks into a bedroom called [I]Grand Army. It is really cool.” It then shows us another bedroom which is called [I]Car-ousel. ” It then shows Devyn and Chet looking at a screen in the hallway that shows what’s going on outside. [I]Devyn and Baya hug.[/I] Baya: “Hi I am Baya.” Devyn: “Nice to meet you Baya! ” Baya: “Nice to meet you.” Chet and Ryan Shake hands. ” Chet: “Chet.” Baya tells Devyn that she is from Salt Lake City. ” Chet: “Salt Lake City, Utah.” The roommates think it is cool that both Chet and Baya are from Salt Lake City. ” [I]The conversation is taking place is the hallway where the fish tank is. Take that piece.” [B][U]Katelynn Talks on the Phone [/U][/B] It then takes us to the phone room, where Katelynn is talking on the phone to her Mom. I want to know more.” Ryan tells Michelle, “I’ve never met anybody like that.” Katelynn and Baya talk in the Kitchen. If I summed it up it was like the best of the worst.” Sarah: “I bet it taught you a lot about yourself.” Ryan: “Yeah. ” Ryan: “I was going to do anything to get home.” Sarah: “Yeah. Sometimes there is a problem and it eats certain people.” Sarah: “Like PTS afterwards? I am gay, and let it out of the bag, you know.” Scott: “Do you think it is going to happen? I just heard it.” Scott: “I missed the whole stair case convorsation. Until a guy just recently told me he’s gay said, look she is a boy, and I trust him. He has the intuition that gay people have.” Scott say in the Confessional, “Alright, I am never going to tell Chet anything about my personal business or my life. My father would beat on me and my brothers, and on my sister, and on my mom.

I have always been more curious then cautious, and it’s served me well thus far.” It then shows the plane take off for Brooklyn. ” Devyn “You seem like you could be the naked type.” Chet: “I do, but I’m not. I can tell that she gets me, so I know things are going to be good with me and her.” [B][U]Meet Sarah[/U][/B] It then shows Sarah, “Hi, I’m Sarah, I am twenty-two, and I am from San Francisco, California.” It then takes us to Sarah’s Home Tape, “Other people have called me, you know, the weird girl, or the crazy girl; Oh that’s just Sarah.” It then shows Sarah who is about to get a tattoo, “I am about to go get another tattoo to add to my collection” [I]It shows Sarah getting the tattoo. Like Jack Daniels.” [I]Sarah Laughed.[/I] They both sit down, waiting for the water taxi to come get them. ” JD: “I train dolphins and whales.” Sarah: “Shut up! My name is Scott.” Scott says in the Confessional, “Katelynn my be a little bit shy, because when she said her name, she had her name kind of down.

(Music is playing in the background.) [B][U]Meet Chet[/U][/B] The show then takes us to Brooklyn, New York. As we watch Chet ride on the boat you hear his voice saying, “I am Chet, I am twenty-three years old, and I am from Salt Lake City, Utah.” It then shows us Chet’s Home Tape, “Well right now I am just working hard on my sewing machine. I’m a Mormon.” Chet says in the Confessional, “I am a very religious person, but I want to show people that Mormons are fun.” [B][U]Ryan and Baya Meet / Meet Baya[/U][/B] [U][B][URL=" I think you are with me.” Ryan: “How are you doing? [/I]As Sarah gets her tattoo you hear her voice saying, “Even when I go into a department store, I get followed around by security guards, because they think I am going to steal something because I have tattoos. I am thinking, alright, well lets see how the car ride goes.” [I]They get in the car.[/I] Katelynn: “So what do you do? You might want to pursue a career in song writing.” Ryan: “Now I know what I want to do in Brooklyn.

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