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You'd think that a game show based around the fame and fortune of football team Aston Villa would be very dull wouldn't you? Besides, Sky are far too interested in The World's Greatest Soccer Team (TM) Manchester United (TM) to even bother with it.

“She’s a smart girl and is headstrong and it’s her decision entirely.

The Welsh beauty was hoping her appearance on the show would change the public’s perception of lawyers, which is apparently a more “glamorous” profession than people may think. "If someone else wants to do it then that is completely their choice but mine wouldn’t be." Rosie revealed to The Sun Online that she dated reality star Jordan Davies five years ago when he first joined Ibiza Weekender and things ended when she caught him cheating on the show.

Rosie also vowed not to have sex on TV as she harboured hopes of returning to her solicitor career. She said: “My ex who cheated on me was on Ibiza Weekender, Ex On The Beach and Celebrity Big Brother, it was Jordan Davies.

Voiced by Mark Little, the show featured student age participants, so involved a lot of snogging, fumbling, drinking and Brits behaving badly.

The "players" were typically easy on the eye, and spent the week teasing each other but rarely actually hooking up for the cameras.

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