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I don't understand what's the deal with this perfume. It's a strong statement fragrance, and I can see how it's not for everyone. It is not sharp and suffocating old lady oriental, its milder and sweeter. This is a blasphemous reformulation and I'll never ever, ever, get over it.

I had never tried it before, and bought it because it is supposed to be a really big performer. I got the bottle without the gold ring, I know this isn't the best version (it's the current one, though), but one hour (2, at best) seems too short lived for me. I think it's moderate because if I can smell it crearly on me, someone close to me should get it as well. It's up there with Elizabeth Arden's red door and Opium. Definitely not a style of perfume common currently- no sparkle, no fruity-floral, no food or sugar notes. I have tried expensive parfums that don't perform nearly as well as this one does. ) It was thick and sweet, but spicy, musky, and incensey. The original was a deep,rich, luscious, creamy vanilla caramel clove and lasted for days.

I took a shower and sprayed 4 sprays on my shirt and my goodness this shit is strong. I have made this one of my signature scents along side my beloved beautiful. What’s pitiful is when you are a perfume addict such as myself, all you have too do is see perfume and most likely you end up in the perfume counter. He cuddles up into my sweater, breathes in, and lets out a loving sigh. It also works out because he wears Obsession for Men, so we smell great together when I choose this. I like scents to have a bit of a kick and this still does not disappoint.

I think this is one of those perfumes that can easily over do. lol, I saw a bottle of Obsession edp sitting there I sprayed some on my arm and OMG was it’s gorgeous. :) Nowadays, no perfume (apart from Arabians) is made with natural animal secretions such as civet musk, (now is civetone). I got a partial bottle of this from my Mother, and turns out it is the old formulation. This is a slight dislike that turned into a big like for me. Middle stage is nice, cinnamon and civet but the amber cinnamon caramel after a few hours is the best. I love how you can smell an aura of sweetness around the person wearing it. I may try Must de Cartier as its supposed to be similar but more decadent than this.

Longevity is pretty good:6-8 hours and I assure you that it'll last longer during the winter. Over time the scent has settled into something reminiscent of insect repellent. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I actually enjoy the reformulation more than the vintage!

I feel this way for a lot of perfumes as it seems I either have terrible luck or many vintages just have that "off"/"old" note that always makes me wrinkle my nose a bit and can mask the nuances of a fragrance that would otherwise be present in a fresh bottle.

Anyway, the current flavor of Obsession has a sweet green note to it that I really love that the vintage lacks.

Online shops offers: Fragrance 3 items for 19.49 - 27.94 USDFragrance EUR 4 items for 20.06 - 28.56 EURFragrance 4 items for 23.39 - 33.29 1 product for 24.95 GBPStrawberry EUR 3 items for 26.00 - 56.00 EURView products... Top notes are green notes, mandarin orange, vanilla, peach, basil, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are spices, coriander, sandalwood, orange blossom, jasmine, oakmoss, cedar and rose; base notes are amber, musk, civet, vanilla, vetiver and incense. As a fruity floral sweet lover too lol it’s summer it’s hot and I blast this on.

Obsession by Calvin Klein is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Sweet spicy and yummy so 80s but awesome Classic vintages vs The Millenials in the tropics We're currently on a vacation on our home country where everyone and by everyone I mean everyone wears the fragrance in the fruity,florals,citrusy,clean musk and aquatic category. As for me who is under the age of 20, I came into around people as an offender when it comes to this perfume as of people are not really well versed to this spicy-powdery-smokey perfume.

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