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Well, be sure you include: Mobile commerce is continuing to rise thanks to one new technology: digital wallets.

These wallets allow for one-click purchasing that makes buying on the go less annoying. Pay Pal Credit was previously expensive for the retailer.

Examples of digital wallets and one-touch payments include: Focus on Mobile Checkout Offer Apple Pay, Pay Pal Express or Visa Checkout and don’t make the customer have to fill in all of their details on a mobile phone. Today’s buy-now, pay-later systems are not – including Pay Pal Credit and Klarna.– Rupert Cross, Digital Director, 5874 Mobile is the New Desktop In the digital space we’ve been banging the drum on mobile for years now and there are still many sites that don’t get it.

Optimize your forms, create mobile-first designs, load pages quickly. Understand how your customers use mobile and optimize.– Stephen Slater, Digital Advertising Manager, Top Rank Marketing Mobile Means Everything Mobile experience will be key in 2018.

Getting high ranking for short-tail keywords is hard. Optimize your site as it currently is, and get content ideas now from these comprehensive guides. Jackson Galaxy uses video, clear CTAs, lots of copy and tons of reviews to turn their product pages into an SEO-optimized landing page.

Bigger brands typically win here because of their Domain Authority, which takes into account: Think Far Beyond the Sale On-site content to draw in customers in times other than a purchase point is becoming super important for LTV increase without large marketing spend.– Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO, Hawke Media “Bow ties” is a short-tail keyword. The best advice out there right now in terms of SEO for ecommerce brands is this: Turn your product pages into optimized landing pages. Blanks USA uses campaign pages as landing pages in order to drive long-tail traffic to products easily grouped for a specific customer segment. And what if you just want to make sure your homepage is optimized?

Here are the top 19 ecommerce trends and growth strategies recommended by Internet Retailer 1000 brands and the experts that advise them, in order of priority. Customer experience historically has involved WOW’ing the consumer.

Providing exceptional customer service, fast shipping, low prices, an easy-to-navigate site.

That’s when those new rules to success have to pass a very hard test: Those two factors often make Google Shopping and PLAs harder for brands making less than M in annual sales to compete.

Make sure it can resolve identities across devices!

– Eric Keating, VP of Marketing, Zaius Have You Gone Chat Bot Yet?

In addition, we’ll be breaking down the top ecommerce trends of 2018.

We began monitoring the impact of these trends during Cyber Five 2017. Because a lot happens in a year within retail and ecommerce.

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