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If you just wrapped up your third straight 0-3 Brawliseum with a particular deck or strategy, something clearly isn’t working.

Adjust your deck choice or tactics if you’re looking to give the format another go.

Instead of drafting a deck from random cards, however, you will use cards from your collection to assemble a deck of your choice. Once you lock in a list, it’s the only deck you’ll be able to play until the run ends. The reward structure for the Brawliseum mirrors that of the Arena, show in the table below.

Like the Arena, a run is over when a player reaches 3 losses or hits the maximum of 12 wins. The unique nature of the Brawliseum format makes it a very different beast than your typical Ranked Play grind session.

In the Brawliseum, each win directly contributes to the rewards you receive, while each loss brings you closer to the end of your run.

This creates a very different experience than ladder where a single loss, while potentially frustrating, can be quickly rectified.

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ABC quickly fired her, cancelled her show and then re-rebooted it as "The Connors." The interviewer, Roseanne's 40-year-old-son Jake, is asking Roseanne about a prior video which was highly edited -- a video in which she was wearing multiple outfits -- Roseanne listened to Jake as she manically puffed away on a cig, clearly agitated.

Up to now, she's tried apologizing to both Jarrett -- who is African-American -- and America for her comment, saying she was stupid and laying the blame squarely on herself.

Recently, Blizzard announced the upcoming Wildfest event designed to feature Hearthstone’s persistent format.

Druid’s unrivaled ability to accelerate mana and cycle cards makes it possible to assemble the potent OTK surprisingly fast.

Even hyper-aggressive decks can have difficulty in tearing through Malfurion’s armor gain potential.

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