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” It really was a challenge to ourselves to see if we could write something that could function as a song on its own, and feel small and intimate and work within the context of this film, which is about the most important issue we face as a species.

When you’re writing a song for a film, particularly for a documentary, there’s always the question of how pointed and direct you want to get with the lyrics. As we were immersed into this world of the film, this sadness started to permeate things.

On the one hand, a forbidden love might re-spark war between Vampires and Elves, on the other someone he cares for is in danger from their own kind.

In the middle of all these messes, a human boy is busy trying to steal his heart.

Gerard Way is the most awkward vampire ever, he lives in a world where vampires and Others where outed as being real about 50 years ago.

The only thing he wants to do is work in a record store and keep his head down, but his friends are very good at getting into trouble and dragging him along.

ATTICUS ROSS Because I had nothing to do with the lyrics, I can be more direct.

Whatever the case, opposites attract and begin a strong, sweet friendship that eventually becomes a budding romance between the two.

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Oscar winners for their score to “The Social Network,” Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor and his longtime collaborator Atticus Ross wrote the score for Fisher Stevens and Leonardo Di Caprio’s climate-change doc “Before the Flood” and also created a new song, “A Minute to Breathe,” which is Reznor’s first vocal performance in six years. ” TRENT REZNOR We saw the film and wanted to do whatever we could, because we believe in the cause and we felt a connection with Fisher as a director and a person.

Is their love and friendship strong enough to drown out the rumors and slander? They tell the world that they're dating, which should probably be some kind of grand romantic gesture, but nobody's surprised.

He makes Amanda hold his hand in public, and she pulls him into corners and kisses him with teeth, and he's having trouble meeting deadlines.

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