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At the religious ceremony, the couple is enjoined to ensure they make God the bedrock of their home.

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It was his hope and belief that his future wife would intercede for his children.

According to my mother, the man I married would be the head of the home; as long as he had the fear of God, every other thing would fall into place. Other than the performative acts of repititive Sunday church attendance, I did not see any traits that reflected a love and fear of the revered most high.

A man who fears and loves God would have all the other traits necessary for securing the foundation of a good home. So, throughout my formative years, God-fearing man was on the top of my list of things I wanted in a man. Men seemed to live as they willed and women were constantly reminded to remain pure.

The burden of supporting the family spiritually, rests solely on the woman.

And here lies the disconnect: if a man is supposed to be the head of the home, why is the woman responsible for the faith drive of the family?

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    Although it contains harsh imagery and warnings about God’s judgment, the Bible is also filled with creative expressions of love between human beings and God (Psalm 42:1–2; Jeremiah 31:3).

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