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Since the late 1960s, Steven Berkoff made it a mission to spread his dramatic vision, and, in the process gained a devoted audience. Berkoff aimed to convert what he saw as the bourgeois theatre of realism into a dynamic, presentational "total-theatre." His concept of total-theatre fulfils his desire for a spiritual and psychological theatre which attempts to "illuminate" the text rather than "depict" it. 1977: 11"Cockney Rebel's Greatest Miss." Review of Massage, by Steven Berkoff. I am are very open minded and up for all your fantasies and discovering them too ;) I Can be very dominant but passive too, WITH A SWEET PERSONALITY. SERVICES PROVIDED Full Personal Service, Massage, &n...In this manner, Berkoff uses aural effects to enhance the overall environment. More literal parallels exist between Berkoff and fringe mainstay Lindsay Kemp, who share a heritage in mime, masks, and movement.

Images are automatically generated from the videos.Many consider his rants against naturalism and all theatre critics to be fanatical. In a 1993 interview with Nick Curtis of The Independent, Berkoff seethed: "Theatre criticism has got to grow up beyond the pompous, sniping scribe who sits with his big fat arse on a paper crapping on this and this and deciding to lick this one's bum" ("Words Shall Never Hurt Him" 12). Berkoff's plays often touch upon class-politics and personal issues of estrangement, isolation, and loneliness, but, his primary focus is on form as much -- if not more -- than content. Though it appears that Berkoff is battling the playwright, he sees it in other terms. Rather than battling, he believes that he is enhancing the playwright's work by making it fresh and relevant. British Theatre Museum Archive, 1991"Berkoff the Baroque." Review of The Trial, dir.

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