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And the more I have travelled, the more impressed I have been with the conviction how impossible it is to write accurately of an event, or discuss with any advantage a historical or topographical question, without having studied it personally on the spot. el fiev yap ^avepoi re iyevovro Kol Kareyripacrav ko I ovtoi iv Trj 'EXXa Si, Kara irep H^aa/c Xi}? Nfcraz/ rrjv virep Alyv Trrov eovaav ev rfj AWio TTir}, ko I Tiavo^ ye irept ovk eyovac elirelv oktj e Tpdirero yevo/jbevo; rfj'i yioip LOi ye Koi 6 ev ^^(^ecrcp icrrl p7]o]d7), Kal ev Tre Teco'i e TTei Oov' rj Bea yap Xoyo) Kal ev Nt Veo Tjj 'Aacrvplcov Tro Xei, yevofievov e Tepov tolovtov. Indeed, with the exception of Babylonia and Persia, there is hardly a country or site mentioned by him in these first three books which I have not visited. earl 6 Karriyrjaa^evo^, ko X cltto tovtov fiadovre'i TTOteovai TO. to vvv ^avwj BLKOv Ka\e6[xevov a TO/iia Tov Ne/Xow Kal 69 Tapt'^eia K6C 7rpi]y/jiart, Kat, ^ov Xo- fievov irepicraorepov n rd)v d XXcov Od'^au rrjv dvyarepa, ttoci]- cracr Oai /3ovv ^v Xlvtjv kol Xtjv, Kal eiretra Kara-^pvcrdxxavrd [xiv ravrrjv eaco ev avrfj dd-yjrai ravrrjv Sr) rrjv diro Oavovcrav dvyarepa. dv6pco7roveot' rjv iroielv helv ydp A'tyvirrov Ka Kova Oai e V erea Trevnj Kovrd re Kal e Karov, Kal rov e^evprjfxevov Kal dva Keipievov ev lepw, rovro dva Oelvai e^ Ae\(f)Ov 'Hcpaiaro) irpo Triika La, eovra TTo Wd) re Kd Wiara ko I tto Wco juieyicrra' e-^et fiev yap Kat ra irdv Ta Trpo TTv Xaia rvirovi re eyyey Xvfx/jievov'; Kal d Wrjv oyjnv OLKo Bofjbrjfjbdrcov /ivpirjv, e Kecva Be Kal fia Kpco p,d\cara. e KKai Se Karov deov ei TOLT^crav 01 lepetv 1) irepl avrcov jvco/it] airohehe KTai. A source said she has been an emotional wreck since breaking up with her boyfriend, former bandmate Jimmy Riot, a few years ago.Her latest single is called "Invisible," which her Web site says "tells the story of disappointment over losing love and self-esteem and finding female empowerment." In an August posting on her My Space page, she listed her mood as "forgotten" and complained about her love life.

Billy Joel remained in his Long Island home, a friend said.

Herodote nous apprend ce qu'on disait d'eux dans les rues de ]\Iemphis." INTEODUCTION. Whether it was that the work of Herodotos fell upon an age which had imbibed the sceptical teaching of the philosophers and sophists, and, like the wits at the court of the Eestoration, was ready to laugh down a writer who made demands upon its credulity, — or whether his residence in the West lost him the literary friends and advocates he would otherwise have had in Greece, — or whether, again, his partiality for Athens aroused the prejudices of the younger generation which gathered like vultures round the carcase of Athenian greatness, and neither cared nor desired to remember the history of the Persian wars, — certain it is that from the first Herodotos met with hostile criticism and accusations of historical dishonesty. Egypt, too, exercised a most important bearing on the course of the war. We are only surprised that Herodotos has introduced no digression upon Phoenicia into his work, since the Phrenician fleet was a prime factor in the war, and Phoenician traders were held by him to have been the first causes of the quarrel between East and West. av T0Ta Tov, rj he hicopv^ tto XXq) fia Kpo Teprj, oacp a Ko Xtco Teprj ea Tt' Trjv e Vl Ne/cfo) ^aat Xeo ^Apaj3i U) ko Xttw eirl rfj ^Eipv Opfj Oa Xdcrar], ro)v ert, ol o Xko I €7rl Srj\oi, ko I ravrrjai re i'^pdro iv tm Siovrc kol Zvpotcri Tre^rj 6 Ne/cco? 8e rrjv jjid^rjv Ka Surtv iro Xiv rf]^ Itvpir}^ iovcrav fiei\,o(f)pov(oel- Xeiv, oarjv Br) et Tra?

Pheron ne nous serait j Das connu, ni Protee, ni Rhampsinite. Les monuments nous disent, ou nous diront un jour, ce que firent les Kheops, les Ramses, les Thoutmos du monde reel. The history of Lydia is con- nected with the first beginning of the contest between Europe and Asia as well as with the rise of the Persian empire ; the account of Babylonia necessarily finds a place in a work dealing with a power of which it formed so important an element ; and the long episodes upon Egypt and Skythia are justified by their bearing upon the Persian War, which could not fitly come about until the conquest of Egypt had swept away the last civilised kingdom which stood between Persia and Greece, and the chastisement of the Skythians had made the Persian frontier safe on the north, and allowed it to prosecute its designs against Hellas without hindrance or fear. 486, the whole strength of Persia would have been flung upon Greece under the direction of the skilful and energetic Dareios, not of the weak and cowardly Xerxes. This is Assur-baui-pal tlrat they had been sent clearly another version of the legend expressly by Gyges to Psammetikhos, to given by Herodotos. eart [xev ev Xifivrj ^a Oerj Kal rfkareri Keifxevrj irapa ro ev Bourot lepov, Xeyerat Be vir At- yv Trriwv elvac avrrj 77 vrjao'^ irkcdrrj.

Brllll's " Herodot's babylonische Nachrichten " (1878), tliough convincingly disproving Oppert's topographical restoration of Babylon, is little more than a re- statement of the arguments in Eawlinson's Herodotus. , ol Ko Bop,7}cre evav TLOv twv irpo Trv Xatiov, irdaav re irep Lcr Tv Xov eovaav Kac TVTTcov Tr Xerjv dv TC Be klovcov v Trea Tacn Ko Xocraol Bvco Be Ka TTtj-^ec; Trj av Xfj. kutci ttjp 'JLXXijvcov j Xcoacrav ecx Tt Neclio shortly afterwards died (b.c.

For recent monographs on the relation of monumental dis- covery to Herodotos I would refer to Maspero's interesting " Fragment d'un Commentaire sur le seconde Livre d'Herodote " in the Annuairc de r Associatio7h pour V Encouragement des Etudes grecgues en France, 1875 (pp. 81-100), in which, for the first time, the methods of scientific criticism are applied to the records of ancient Egypt. votov dve/jiov Te Tpa/j Ufieva, av X7]v re Tco "Attc, iv ttj Tpe(f)e Ta L eiredv (fiuvfj 'Avri?

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