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I have rubbed down to nubs thoughts about my current research interest — how Jungian analytical psychology and trauma-informed psychotherapy intersect in practice and theory. The Trickster has been depicted as both mythical figure and archetype (i.e., what C. Jung identified as instinctual patterns for behavior).

I was beginning to feel stuck in the research process — and just a bit bored — when I spilled coffee on my notes, creating a sticky, unsalvageable mess. Once again, Trickster saved me from my old antic of trying to impose order on the world, reminding me to question assumptions and practices — or at the least, be mindful of where I put my coffee.

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Director: Rian Johnson A college dropout, attempting to win back his father's high standards he gets a job as a broker for a suburban investment firm, which puts him on the fast track to success, but the job might not be as legitimate as it once appeared to be.

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In the Winnebago Trickster myth, the Trickster (think human) makes its right arm fight its left arm, eats its own intestines, takes advantage of those who trust him, and wanders aimlessly about the world. That quarrel soon turned into a vicious fight and the left hand was badly cut up. Similarly, the Trickster also represents the capacity for creating new associations, joining once disparate emotions, images, ideas, and practices, thus making possible new ways of engaging with the world.

Which is more supportive of human experience today?

As archetype, Trickster is a masterful, yet unpredictable catalyst of psychological change.

As much as we collectively try to break free of this worldview and return to sustainable environments with malleable and adaptive psyches, we often find ourselves stuck spending massive amounts of energy — natural and archetypal — attending to environmental and psychological wounds that in part continue through our ignorance of the human need for Trickster energy and awareness.

While grasping for split off parts of experience and trying to create cohesion, we often fail to notice that all the pieces the left hand diligently amasses is countered by the right hand’s equally industrious efforts to scatter things about once again.

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