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If we leave them to their own devices, are they going to be toxic online or kind?'" Founder Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq says the app has taken several precautions against cyberbullying. All you need to do is click in the mail on the button: I want to close my account.You’ll be automatically redirected to the Mega login page and your profile has been removed.It's also introduced new filter tools, better moderation and a human team reviewing reports of harassment.Meanwhile, anonymous apps advocates claim the platforms' anonymity allows for "authenticity"; critics say it opens the door for cyberbullies.We want to keep things positive." According to After School, the app is in use in more than 85% of U. Secret, which shot onto the scene in 2014 and quickly gained popularity, is among a handful of anonymous apps no longer available.Although Whisper connects users to a larger network of both strangers and friends, Secret's focus was on sharing with the people who know you.

"I told myself in November, 'You'll be satisfied with 1,000 messages' and then I'll call it a success," he said.

In mid-July, the buzzy new anonymous messaging app beat out mainstays like Snapchat and Facebook in the Apple App Store.

Sarahah, which launched in Saudi Arabia in November 2016, invites members to leave anonymous messages on other users' profiles.

For example, it has a feature that filters keywords and prevents certain messages from being sent.

It's also added a tool to allow users to block accounts.

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