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Annually all staff will receive E Safety training and as part of child protection and undertake annually The Hays Safe Guarding Education online test.The teaching team are the first point of contact in dealing with incidents of ICT misuse or abuse and may be required to act as mediators for ICT-related incidents, which occur inside and outside Academy, such as bullying within, chat rooms.Governors receive E Safety awareness training, (which is part of the staff training).Our Safe Guarding Governor (Graham Jones) ensures that Internet safety is included as part of the regular review of child protection and health and safety policies.

All staff will receive safe guarding training on joining the Academy as part of their induction programme.Our ultimate aim is for students to take responsibility for their own actions when using the Internet and other communications technologies, with each student developing a set of safe and discriminating behaviours to guide their own Internet use.Responsibilities we promote are: Our Governing Body has statutory responsibilities for child protection and health and safety, and elements of these include Internet safety.It explains the behaviours, which are acceptable and unacceptable, with regard to use of ICT within our Academy.Our E-Safety Policy applies to: It must be fully complied with at all times.

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