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If you're not sure who to tell, you can always speak to a Childline counsellor.You can also talk to a Childline counsellor if you see something that upsets you online, even if you don’t know the people involved.Sometimes we can all say or do things we don’t mean that upset someone else.Sometimes people choose to embarrass, upset, pick on or intimidate other people using the internet or a mobile phone because it feels safer this way.

Social networks can be used in lots of different ways to bully someone.

Some people share videos of bullying to let others know what’s happened or to catch the people doing the bullying.

But it’s important you don’t post, share, comment or like videos of bullying because: If you see a video that shows someone you know hurting someone or being bullied themselves, tell an adult you trust, like a parent or teacher.

People may also steal or destroy your belongings or creations in games.

Sometimes people involved in bullying might post someone else's photos or personal information without that person's permission.

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