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The show illustrates its messages through the lives of characters entrenched in various systems throughout the city.Starting with the police investigation of a single drug ring, the series broadens its scope with each season to incorporate other aspects of Baltimore life, including education, politics and the media, showing how each system affects the others and perpetuates the cycle of self-destruction.The resulting drama is rife with social commentary and criticism.

One of the unique aspects of the show is that, rather than having a crime each week, each episode is just a chapter in a single, season-long case for a special Baltimore Police Department detail (later the BPD's Major Crimes Unit).

Season three adds City Hall to the mix, looking in particular at the up-and-coming mayoral hopeful Tommy Carcetti as he plays all sides to get into a position of power.

Thus, the season is able to show how street-level policing is dependent on the whims of those higher up the food chain and examine the issue of reform.

He finally narrows down his choices between two colleges, Danville University and Tri-State State College. Carl decides to tell Major Monogram about the alert.

Monogram, who has since retired to Bora Bora, reminisces upon hearing that Doofenshmirtz may have returned to evil, and tells his former intern to say hi to Doofenshmirtz for him.

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