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I have another friend that is really amazing with women.

But he does something that's rather unusual when he's around women. If he's out with friends, and one of them introduces a female friend, he'll shake her hand and say "hi", then TURN AWAY and go back to whatever he was doing.

He doesn't chase women, buy them things, or smother them with compliments... And he has a crew of guy friends who all love him and think he's one of the "coolest" guys in the world.

So what is it that separates the "cool" guys from the "uncool" guys? What is it that makes a few rare people the kind of people that EVERYONE wants to be around?

Finally, I have one friend who literally says things to women like "You probably wouldn't like me. Our relationship will probably go no further than the physical..." If you've seen my Advanced DVD Program, you probably remember him saying these exact words when I'm interviewing him.

And what is it about this element that I'm calling "cool" that makes guys who have it attract more women than they can handle?

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