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The practice of slavery, considered essential by plantation owners in the South, was inherited from colonial rule.At the founding, it was reluctantly allowed by northerners with the hope that the practice would eventually be phased out.Unity among these religious faiths could only be achieved through a national philosophy that was general and tolerant.Benjamin Franklin's own philosophy paralleled that of the American founding.However, the colonists became increasingly frustrated by British rule and, in 1776, 13 colonies issued the Declaration of Independence.

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From the beginning, slavery has been the nemesis of the United States.

The nation became a center for invention and technological development; major technologies that America either developed or was greatly involved in improving are electricity, the telephone, the automobile, television, computers, the Internet, nuclear power, air travel, space travel, and genetic engineering.

The United States took a major role on the world stage as the defender of democracy in World War I, World War II, the Cold War (which included the Korean and the Vietnam Wars), and the Gulf War.

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, people seeking freedom and prosperity poured into the United States from Europe.

New states were added to the original 13 as the nation expanded across the North American continent, obtaining territories held by Spain, France, Mexico, Britain, and Russia. became an industrial power as trade protection, banking reforms, and corporate legislation helped domestic companies expand.

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