Unregistered webcam

I do not have a camera on my computer, does Magic Camera still work? Magic Camera works even if you do not have a physical camera.In this case, Magic Camera will turn your video files or screens to a virtual/fake webcam.You can use this simulated camera with any webcam software.

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How to create your own scene effects with Magic Camera.If the file download box does not pop up, it is most likely your browser or anti-virus program blocks the download. I need software to switch between webcams and feed it to Instead, just use Magic Camera as the input webcam source, and then you can switch webcams through Magic Camera's webcam page.You may temporarily disable your anti-virus software and try the direct download links below: the above links still does not work for you, you may go to our download page: the 'local download' server, right click on the download link and select 'save as' command. Magic Camera supports UStream, justin.tv, You Tube, etc.In the pop up dialog, there is a box called 'output size'.Select 640*480 resolution or any resolution you prefer.

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