Updating a processor

its own patches are causing some PCs to become unstable and unexpectedly reboot, and advises you to stop patching for now.Mind you, we're talking about manual BIOS updates here -- you should be fine leaving Windows Update turned on.The update request is parsed into corresponding Update Command objects which are run through the chain.Each Update Request Processor instance is responsible for invoking the next plugin in the chain.It can choose to short circuit the chain by not invoking the next processor and even abort further processing by throwing an exception.A single update request may contain a batch of multiple new documents or deletes and therefore the corresponding process XXX methods of an Update Request Processor will be invoked multiple times for every individual update.This default chain is used to process every update request unless a user chooses to configure and specify a different custom update request processor chain.

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(AMD says some of the flaws don't affect its processors at all.)But as usual, you'll need to be diligent about applying those patches yourself! 22: If you were planning to update your BIOS with a fix for your Intel processor, maybe wait a bit?However, it is guaranteed that a single thread will serially invoke these methods.However, before we understand how to configure update processor chains, we must learn about the default update processor chain because it provides essential features which are needed in most custom request processor chains as well.Every Update Request Processor must have a corresponding factory class which extends Update Request Processor Factory.This factory class is used by Solr to create a new instance of this plugin.

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