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If the unit fails to reboot, or the BIOS was not updated sucessfully, try the steps again.

However, I discovered an issue with the battery: it won't work.

The netbook could only be used with with the power cord. However, it seems that Aspire One battery issue is a common and known problem, which only requires a BIOS update.

Any failure due to incorrect use of these updates is at own risk.

Our Customer Care representatives can guide you through the whole process in case of need.

In case the Aspire One does not start up properly, it will be necessary to use a second system to copy the BIOS update into the USB key.

There might be a workaround to this problem, though: Discharge the battery completely, if you haven't, Keith. I mean every time the system goes into suspend, hit the power button again to force every last erg of juice out of the battery until nothing happens at all. I don't think there's a Live CD of Windows XP out there, so using that to flash your BIOS may not be possible either.

Transoceanic flights can be boring, even with an i Pad to watch movies and play Angry Birds.

In my last trip to Boston for a meeting at Canonical's offices, I missed a lot a small computer to play with in the airplane.

And that is a real PITA, they supply this netbook with a Linux OS as well so why do they only provide a windows based BIOS update?

That was a reply to my suggestion about forcing the battery to discharge totally.

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