Updating automatic electric monophone

Magneto wall phone, from the same period as the candlestick phone above. In Australia this phone is called the "Geelong Phone" after the first public automatic exchange was installed using these sets. The stepped base is known to collectors as a "stairstep" base. Ref.: Hershey H "Automatic Telephone Practice" 5th edition (1946).

For some outrageous examples of phone decorating, see the page, Why did they do that?

Most info here is from manufacturer catalogs and ads plus discussions on the ATCA and TCI listservs.

No claim is made regarding accuracy or completeness.

BLK Black BLU Blue GRN Green LGR Lime Green CBR Cocoa Brown CRD Cherry Red ORG Orange HGD Harvest Gold BGE Beige ASH Ash IVY Ivory WHT White (Limited Edition Swirl Sets in Slenderet Desk models only -- ca.

1978-82) - Click for Swirl Ad CRS Cherry Swirl (red/white) CHS Chocolate Swirl (brown/white) BSS Butterscotch Swirl (yellow/white) MTS Mint Swirl (green/white) -3 Black -4 Ivory -6 Old Brass -7 Statuary Bronze -8 Oxidized Silver -12 Dark Gold After early 1930s: -16 Old Rose -18 Dark Blue -19 Gray-Green -20 Pekin Red Late 211s only: -50 Ivory -51 Moss Green -53 Red -56 Yellow -58 White -59 Pink -60 Light Beige -61 Light Grey -62 Aqua Blue -64 Turquoise Note: The first color name is typically the one found in the initial BSPs.

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