Updating crysis

We were able to monitor Crysis in cyber-attacks involving brute-forced RDP credentials and the ransomware executed via a redirected drive from the source computer.Redirections in remote access tools implemented in Windows enable users to conveniently access, process, and utilize files from local drives as well as resources such as printers, Clipboard, and supported plug and play and multimedia devices.With cybercriminals intensifying their efforts to hold critical data hostage, a proactive, multilayered approach to security is important— from gateway, endpoints, networks, and servers.Moments ago MOU was signed between #Qatar & #Chad; Diplomatic Relations to be resumed with immediate exchange of ambassadors.

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RDP, which is built-in to Windows operating systems, provides an interface that allows end users to connect to another computer over a network connection.

This is particularly true for Crysis, given its ability to scan and encrypt files on removable drives and network shares.

For instance, a more adept malefactor can employ various privilege escalation techniques to ultimately gain administrator access to the system and exacerbate the damage by perusing through servers and encrypting more data.

The patch also contains all the fixes from the 1.1 patch.

Note that the patch adds a 'Mods' section to the main settings screen (see further below), as well as the g_use Hit Sound Feedback variable to control the new additional sound effect when enemies are hit - see page 12 for details.

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