Updating digital slr camera firmware

Cameras ship with a version of this software (called 'firmware') as standard but updates may be issued for all sorts of reasons.

If you own a smartphone or tablet, you may have been prompted at some point to update its software – and the principle here is exactly the same.

It's even been known for manufacturers to gift some basic cameras with a Raw shooting mode through a firmware update.

Manufacturers also typically use these to provide better compatibility with lenses and other accessories that were released after the camera first came to market.

If you buy a camera some time after it's first made available, it may already be installed with the most recent firmware.

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Step-by-step instructions are usually provided when you download this to guide you here.Canon firmware updates come in the form of a firmware image file with the extension . You can dowload a compressed file from Canon and expand it on your computer.Often there will be a PDF with specific instructions for your camera and firmware included in the compressed file along with the firmware.Sometimes, firmware updates are used to bring brand new features to older models.This could be a new colour mode, an expanded ISO setting or advanced video functionality among other things.

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