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While he was here, I got to thinking, “What a great post it would make to ask him about the biggest dangers he finds when it comes to electrical systems in old houses.” So, today I’m going to let you pick the brain of a professional electrician who often works in old houses.

Here are his answers to four of my biggest questions about old electrical systems.

With many old houses without insulation, this wasn’t as big of a fire hazard as it is today when homeowners unknowingly install blown-in insulation over active knob & tube wiring creating a very big fire risk.

If you don't want to remove drywall, then you'll be running most of the wires through the attic or the crawl space.

Prepare for that by moving insulation away from the walls through which you need to pass the wires and marking the existing wires you need to remove.

They will be able to make suggestions based on their experience to help you have as safe a house as possible.

I hope you learned as much as I did from my interview with Steele.

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