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This feature allows users to opt out of targeted advertising.With Google Chrome, you'll have to enable it yourself.This will help prevent viruses or hackers from gaining access to your files, even if IE has been compromised.Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 takes a page out of Google's play book and adds automatic updating.Some companies have announced that they will be ignoring Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7's do not track settings.

Menus have been simplified and the menu bar is still hidden by default.The main security addition to Internet Explorer 10 Preview is "Enhanced Protected Mode," which will lock down parts of the Windows operating system, preventing the browser from accessing the OS.There will be specific pop-ups that will ask for permission to access part of the OS that a browser typically doesn't require.Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 is the quickest version of the browser yet.Microsoft has included support for web standards like CSS animations, HTML5 spell checking, and improved Java Script performance.

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