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Send data to the containing page, option is used to restrict where the message is sent to; to stop an attacker mimicking your parent page.

See the MDN documentation on post Message for more details.

These methods are available in the i Frame via the Turn auto Resizing of the i Frame on and off. Ask the containing page for its positioning coordinates.

You need to provide a callback which receives an object with the following properties: to disable the callback. Scroll the parent page to the coordinates x and y relative to the position of the i Frame.

This file is designed to be a guest on someone else's system, so has no dependencies and won't do anything until it's activated by a message from the containing page.

The normal configuration is to have the i Frame resize when the browser window changes size or the content of the i Frame changes.

The tagged Element option provides much greater performance by limiting the number of elements that need their position checked.

The body Scroll, document Element Scroll, max and min options can cause screen flicker and will prevent the interval trigger downsizing the i Frame when the content shrinks.

It provides a range of features to address the most common issues with using i Frames, these include: The second file (iframe Resizer.content js) is a native Java Script file that needs placing in the page contained within your i Frame.Setting this property to a negative number will force the interval check to run instead of mutation Observer. you may need to change this setting to one of the following options.Each can give different values depending on how CSS is used in the page and each has varying side-effects.Listen for resize events from the parent page, or the i Frame.Select the 'child' value if the i Frame can be resized independently of the browser window.

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