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SNAP command or automating when a snapshot is executed.The interactive method is highly beneficial for when a problem is reported in the database and a snapshot could prove beneficial for troubleshooting, whereas the value of an automated snapshot is realized when a problem is reported at a later time and a comparison needs to be made between two specific times that occurred in the past.

Single-instance tuning should be performed before attempting to tune the processes that communicate via the cluster interconnect is false, wait events are ordered by the number of waits.The ability to automate a snapshot is another one of the great features of the Statspack utility.Automating and scheduling when to take snapshots allows for the collection of database performance information that would be beneficial for troubleshooting performance problems that occurred earlier. For example on Unix, shell scripts can be written and then scheduled through the CRON scheduler. Instance Activity / Time Model Stats / O/S Stats 8. Run procedure and script on each node you want to monitor to compare to other instances. Undo The STATSPACK report shows statistics ONLY for the node or instance on which it was run.

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